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Something to HÜsker

Savage Young Du

Thanks to Numero Group, we can now reach back to the Twin Cities of the late 70s and early 80s and hear the origin of the St. Paul trio that paved the way for countless bands that followed. Savage Young Dü is a box set that documents the live shows, basement rehearsals and early efforts of one of the hardest working indie bands ever.

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Featured interview



The Melvins just delivered us their 24th studio album in a career that has spanned four decades. Long-time Reglar Wiglar correspondent, David Gill, got some couch time with the band to talk about touring, their attraction to weirdness and Buzzo's favorite movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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Featured Interview

Artist Tom Neely

Tom Neely's work has adorned a ton of concert posters, rock album covers, comics and graphic novels which has earned him accolades galore. Neely is also responsible for bringing the world the Henry and Glenn Forever series of comics featuring your favorite muscle-bound duo Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. What else has Neely been up to, we wonder...

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Music Review

Max Hall

Max Hall  Abstractithica

Max Hall used a stereo field recorder to grab bits of conversations, street noises and anything else of aural interest to him. It took him a year to put the pieces together and the result is Abstractithica, an fascinating and mildly hypnotic recording.

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Print Zine

The return of the good old fashioned print version of Reglar Wiglar.

Reglar Wiglar #22: Book of Jobs Part 1

Reglar Wiglar #23: Book of Jobs Part 2

Reglar Wiglar #24: Book of Jobs Part 3

"Hilarious account of Auman's job history, sprinkled with witty banter about several musical venues and acts as well as other miscellany."—CH, Quimby's


Three on D&D

The popularity of Stranger Things has undoubtedly rekindled an interest in D&D, but the game has been around for nearly five decades. If you are new to the game, have never played but are curious, or are a chaotic-evil dwarf cleric from back in the day, these two books and one graphic novel may be of interest to you.

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Music Review

Sweet times volume 6
Various artists

Sweet Times compilation

Sweet Times Volume 6 is a four-way seven inch split compilation from the German label Who Can You Trust? You can generally trust WCYT? to put out some heavy rock and this sixth volume of their series is no exception.

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the customer is always right
by Mimi Pond

The Customer is Always Right

Mimi Pond’s, at least partially, biographical tale of her stint at at Oakland restaurant in the late 70s, is authentic to be sure. It’s also touching, humorous and hits close to home.

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Used Record Review

Asia: An Overview

I've never met a Yes fan in real life, but I don't doubt they used to exist. I've never met a pterodactyl either but since I am not a Young Earth Creationist (or a moron), I don't doubt that they existed too. That's why I am confident that somewhere out there, there is a fossilized Yes fan just chilling in amber.

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The Woodrows








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