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2017 Holiday gift guide

Hoppy Holidays from Reglar Wiglar Magazine!

This year's Holiday Gift Guide is sponsored by Frog-in-a-Box* for some reason. Check out these stocking stuffers sure to make whatever holiday you celebrate all the more spectacular.

*Not a real frog.

Featured interview


The Melvins

The Melvins just delivered us their 24th studio album in a career that has spanned four decades. Long-time Reglar Wiglar correspondent, David Gill, got some couch time with the band to talk about touring, their attraction to weirdness and Buzzo's favorite movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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Featured Interview

Artist Tom Neely

Tom Neely graphic artist, illustrator

Tom Neely's work has adorned a ton of concert posters, rock album covers, comics and graphic novels which has earned him accolades galore. Neely is also responsible for bringing the world the Henry and Glenn Forever series of comics featuring your favorite muscle-bound duo Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. What else has Neely been up to, we wonder...

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Music Review

Blue House

 Nathan Xander blue house

Nathan Xander returns with a 12-track album of longing, homesickness and going home, but you can't go home, of course.

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Graphic Novel Review

Chicago: A Comix Memoir by Glenn Head
by Glenn Head

Chicago is the autobiographical tale of young comics artist Glenn Head as he struggles to survive in the City of Broad Shoulders. Head captures the look and feel of the city in the late 70s, a time caught between the 60s underground comics boom and its 80s resurgence.

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Print Zine

The return of the good old fashioned print version of Reglar Wiglar.

Reglar Wiglar #22: Book of Jobs Part 1

Reglar Wiglar #23: Book of Jobs Part 2

Reglar Wiglar #24: Book of Jobs Part 3

"Hilarious account of Auman's job history, sprinkled with witty banter about several musical venues and acts as well as other miscellany."—CH, Quimby's


Lou Reed: A Life
by Anthony DeCurtis

Lou Reed: A Life by Anthony DeCurtis

Lou Reed was a musical pioneer and a brilliant, if inconsistent, songwriter. He continually pushed himself into new territory, rarely travelling trails already blazed. He left a lot of music and a good story behind, which is told in a new biography from author and music critic Anthony DeCurtis.

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COMIC review

Henry & Glenn forever & Ever
by Tom Neely & Friends

Henry & Glenn forever & Ever by Tom Neely & Friends

The Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever series of comics are based on the ridiculous premise that Henry Rollins—he of Black Flag, and Glenn Danzig, of Misfits/Danzig/ etc.—are lovers wedded in domestic bliss, as well as neighbors to the satan-worshipping Hall and Oates. Intrigued yet?

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Mini Comic Review

Laffy Meal
by Pranas Naujokaitis

Laffy Meal by Pranas Naujokaitis

Laffy Meal is a set of mini comics about a family trip to the fictional Burger Clown restaurant. It's a clever concept told from the point-of-view of each family member represented in a separate mini. Hungry yet?

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Used Record Review

Asia: An Overview

Asia band

I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat from Asia fans for this blog post (just kidding, there are no living Asia fans), but we need to be honest with ourselves. History is important to our future and understanding the mistakes we’ve made in the past will only make us stronger as we move forward as a civilization.

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