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Nathan Xander
Blue House

Nathan Xander Blue House

Nathan Xander returns. Not that he went away, but he is back, nevertheless, with an album full of homesickness and being homeward bound.

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the central
Discovery of a Rat

The Central deliver a new twelve-song album from their home base in Madison, Wisconsin. The general population of the great “Cheese State” apparently bought the Trump line of gaudy merchandise hook, line and sinker, but I won’t hold that against this band or the 77 square miles surrounding its capital city. 

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tyranny is tyranny
The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Being in a band can feel like a long hard slog sometimes and Tyranny is Tyranny delivers a good forceful pounding which post hardcore fans will enjoy regardless of their politics.

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The Melvins

In 2017 The Mevlins released their 26th studio album, A Walk with Love and Death, in a career that has spanned five friggin' decades so far. Long-time Reglar Wiglar correspondent, David Gill, got some couch time with the band to talk about touring, their attraction to weirdness and Buzzo's favorite movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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Dope Body

Dope Body Baltimore rock

From the great city of Baltimore Maryland, a.k.a. Charm City, a.k.a. Bodymore, Murderland (Ha!), come the noisy, the danceable, the unbeatable bro's of Dope Body.

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