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Daydream Time Machine

Wooing EP review

Rachel Trachtenburg’s latest band, Wooing, is looking to do just that with this three-song seven inch EP from Ba Da Bing.

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Savage Young DÜ

Savage Young Du

Thanks to Numero Group, we can now reach back to the Twin Cities of the late 70s and early 80s and hear the origin of the St. Paul trio that paved the way for countless bands that followed. Savage Young Dü is a box set that documents the live shows, basement rehearsals and early efforts of one of the hardest working indie bands ever.

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Max Hall

Max Hall

Experimental musician Max Hall used a stereo field recorder to grab bits of conversations, street noises and anything else of aural interest to him. It took him a year to put the pieces together and the result is Abstractithica.

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Sweet Times Vol. 6
Various Artists

Sweet Times vol. 6

Being in a band can feel like a long hard slog sometimes and Tyranny is Tyranny delivers a good forceful pounding which post hardcore fans will enjoy regardless of their politics.

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Voice of addiction

Voice of Addiction live

Voice of Addiction has been charging up the local punk music scene in Chicago for nearly 15 years. The band just released their first album in six years, Lost Art of Empathy, and is featured in a new documentary from Madness Maker Films, due out this summer. We recently caught up with VoA prime mover and punk addict, Ian Tomele. 

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The Melvins

In 2017 The Mevlins released their 26th studio album, A Walk with Love and Death, in a career that has spanned five friggin' decades so far. Long-time Reglar Wiglar correspondent, David Gill, got some couch time with the band to talk about touring, their attraction to weirdness and Buzzo's favorite movie, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

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What's the Point?

Flesh Panthers live

Occasionally, we ask a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? 

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Forgotten classics, buried treasures and guilty pleasures.

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The Woodrows

Run, Woodrow, run! That's good advice if you're a Woodrow. This is the debut album from the world's most notorious punk rock band. Before the fame and worldwide, whirlwind tours, it all started in a garage in Antigo, Wisconsin.

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