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art of atari
by Tim Lapetino

The Art of Atari Lapetino

The Art of Atari is a hefty coffee table book that brings the art of Atari game boxes back in all their full-color, over-the-top glory. This is a must have for gamers, designers and fans of 80s pop culture.

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the prodigal rogerson
by J. Hunter Bennett

The Circle Jerks were one of the more popular SoCal hardcore bands in the 1980s. This book from Microcosm is an interesting side note—not just to the Circle Jerks story, but to the greater L.A. punk rock history as well.

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The Prodigal Rogerson by J. Hunter Bennett

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Under the Radar by Olivier Matthon

Why We Drive by Andy Singer


interviews & articles

The Essential Zach Boddicker

Zach Boddicker's debut novel, The Essential Carl Mahogany, was published earlier this year by Last Chance Press. Full of great dialogue, humorous observations and dry wit, it's a strong debut. I recently asked Zach a few questions about the book and the process of completing it. 

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Matt Champagne (actor, comedian)

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