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Lou Reed: A Life
by Anthony DeCurtis

Lou Reed: A Life by Anthony DeCurtis

Lou Reed was a musical pioneer and a brilliant, if inconsistent, songwriter. He continually pushed himself into new territory, rarely travelling trails already blazed. He left a lot of music and a good story behind, which is told in a new biography from author and music critic Anthony DeCurtis.

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Moving Target: The History and Evolution of Green Arrow
by Richard Gray

Moving Target:  The History and Evolution of Green Arrow

If you're a diehard comic book fan looking to dive deep into the history, thought-process and execution of a comic with a long and colorful history—and you're a fan of the Green Arrow in particular—notch this book in your desktop, mobile, device, or your lap and learn a thing or two about a dude who's been around awhile by a guy who knows a whole lot of about this stuff.

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the prodigal rogerson
by J. Hunter Bennett

The Circle Jerks were one of the more popular SoCal hardcore bands in the 1980s. This book from Microcosm is an interesting side note—not just to the Circle Jerks story, but to the greater L.A. punk rock history as well.

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Out of the Basement
by David Ensminger

Every town and city has its own story about how punk rock came and conquered the hearts and minds of the idle youth who started bands, made zines, hosted radio shows, DJed and turned dives into venues where new bands could play. This is Rockford's story. [Read more]

Slip of the Tongue
by Katie Haegele

Katie reveals a lot about herself as she ponders language and the writing process. It's hard work turning thoughts into words and getting them down on paper. Somebody's got to do it and thankfully one of those somebodies is Katie Haegele. [Read more]

Bill Daniel's Mostly True
by Bill Daniel

Endlessly fascinating and a great document of the folklore and lost world of the rail yard that is being kept alive by a few dedicated tramps, writers and artists. Bill Daniel answers many questions, yes, but the free spirit of the rails isn't so easily defined and if things are still a bit of foggy mystery for you after reading this zine, well, it's only mostly true anyway. [Read more]

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The Essential Zach Boddicker

Zach Boddicker's debut novel, The Essential Carl Mahogany, was published earlier this year by Last Chance Press. Full of great dialogue, humorous observations and dry wit, it's a strong debut. I recently asked Zach a few questions about the book and the process of completing it. 

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Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest Cline [Crown Publishers]

Ready Player One: A Novel by Ernest ClineWhen the billionaire inventor of the most popular virtual reality game dies with no heir, he leaves his fortune to the gamer who can find the easter egg he has hidden in his vast virtual universe. Set in a future dystopian America ('cause that's what's coming, folks), this sci-fi thriller is manna from heaven for all gamer geeks, D&D dorks, and 80s pop culture weirdos. It's nerd porn, plain and simple.

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan [Portfolio/Penguin]

Super Mario: How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff RyanIf you enjoy history and/or gaming, I highly recommend this book. Ryan tells the story of Nintendo's rise from a late 19th century playing card company to a dominating force in coin-op and then home console video and then portable handheld games. When the fledgling Nintendo of America subsidiary revamped its warehouse full of unsold shooter games and turned them into the revolutionary game Donkey Kong, the gaming world and pop culture would never be the same. 










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