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The football team has cloned its best athletes

Chris Auman
Artist, Writer, Musician,
Ficticious Sports Team Enthusiast

New Mini Comic!

Sssnakes!!! #1

Sly & Steven star in their very own minicomic: Sssnakes!!! #1. Pick up a copy at Chicago Comics and Quimby's in Chicago or order online from RoosterCow Press.

Soft Targets
Night After Day after Day
Digital EP

What's old is new again. Check out this six-song EP recorded way back in 2011, not long before Soft Targets would go their separate ways. From
RoosterCow Records.

Reglar Wiglar #25

Two thousand and eighteen marked the 25th anniversay of the Reglar Wiglar zine. True to the spirit of that enterprise, RW #25 was published with scant weeks to spare. You can order a copy from RoosterCow Press.


The life of the starving artist is hard, that's why I offer a variety of swag in my Zazzle store to allow you to support the (my) arts while looking fantastically awesome.



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