henry & glenn forever & ever
by Tom Neely & Friends

Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever: Completely Ridiculous Edition  Tom Neely

The Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever series of comics are based on the ridiculous premise that Henry Rollins—he of Black Flag/punditry fame, and Glenn Danzig, of Misfits/Danzig/ Samhain renown—are lovers wedded in domestic bliss, as well as neighbors to the satan-worshipping Hall and Oates. Intrigued yet?

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by Glenn Head

Chicago: A Comix Memoir Glenn Head

Chicago is the true story—a comix memoir, if you will—of a young comix artist (gonna spell it 'comics' from here on out) struggling to survive in, you guessed it, Chicago. Head captures that late 70s look and feel  of the city and scene in this open and honest autobiography. He may have gone a little nuts, and this certainly wasn't a story easy to tell. 

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laffy meal
by Pranas Naujokaitis

Laffy Meal is a set of mini comics about a family trip to the fictional Burger Clown restaurant. It's a clever concept told from the point-of-view of each family member represented in a separate mini. Hungry yet?

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more book & zine reviews

Boys Club by Matt Furie
Once upon a time twelve years ago, Pepe was a perfectly happy stoner slacker frog who lived with his stoner slacker buddies Landwolf, Andy and Bret. [Read more]

Mooncop by Tom Gauld
Mooncop is funny and charming but may also leave you with a feeling of sadness. When everyone eventually does leaves the moon colony, who should be the last one to turn off the lights? It just might be our hapless hero. [Read more]

Tetris: The Games People Play by Box Brown
Box Brown lays this all out for us in glorious black, white and yellow. His concise storytelling and simple line art keep things moving and compelling and gives the players in the story just enough personality to inspire either empathy or disdain depending on their actions and motives. It’s also a story of what happens when art and commerce collide because yes, video games are an art form. [Read more]

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interviews & articles

Tom Neely

Tom Neely graphic artist, illustrator

Tom Neely's work has adorned a ton of concert posters, rock album covers, comics and graphic novels which has earned him accolades galore. Neely is also responsible for bringing the world the Henry and Glenn Forever series of comics featuring your favorite muscle-bound duo Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig. What else has Neely been up to, we wonder...

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derf backderf

Derf Backderf

Derf Backderf has been a prime mover in the alternative comics universe since 1990. Reglar Wiglar Magazine decided to interview Mr. Backderf on the state of the weekly strip, graphic novels and his experiences writing My Friend Dahmer.

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You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack: Cartoons by Tom Gauld [Drawn & Quarterly]

You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack reviewScottish cartoonist Tom Gauld (Mooncop, Goliath) creates damn-near-if-not-perfect comic strips. They’re clever, succinct and hilarious more often than not. Many center around themes of detectives, novelists and literary devices, inventions, and history, many times combining several of these into one strip. Originally appearing in the Guardian newspaper, there are simply too many great comics in this collection to single one out. They are best read one after another in a fit of comic gluttony. I recommend this be placed on coffee tables throughout the land in homes where the sense of humor runs dark and dry.

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown [First Second]

Andre the Giant: Life and Legend reviewMany may remember Andre “The Giant" Roussimoff as Fezzik in the Princess Bride or as the heel in WrestleMania III. Never comfortable in his enormous frame, no matter how much fame or money he made, it was lonely for Andre at the top. Box Brown watched interviews and hours of wrestling to put together this illustrated biography of the towering Frenchmen, from his early days in rural France to his time as an internationally recognized celebrity. Brown gives life to a man who seemed superhuman to most but who was only too human to those who knew him well.









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