Whatever Happened to Soft Targets Record ReleaseSoft Targets live at the Mutiny, ChicagoSoft Targets live at the Note, Chicago


01/14 PANCHO'S Softie's Last Stand! Final Soft Targets show w/Party Downers and Arsenal Road

Soft Targets live at Pancho's, Chicago
Live @ Pancho's, photo by Joni Kat Anderson


09/29 BEAT KITCHEN w/ Sentinels, Board of Governors & Warhellride. Blackout at the BK, no band got to play
08/12 MEMORIES w/ Release show for split 7"! Uma Thurmans, Bill Ura Dik & The Life Champions
05/21 MEMORIES w/ Phantom Works, The Cell Phones & Days Off
04/29 88.7 WLUW Razor & Die Show, 2PM-6PM, live in-studio performance
04/09 CAL'S w/ The City Streets (from Montreal), Lake Street Dive (from Brooklyn), Somersault Factory
02/26 QUENCHERS w/ Eric Howell's Greatest Hitch and the Kevin Lee Band
01/08 PANCHO'S w/ Heavy Bombers, Victory Auto Rockers and Via Verso

Soft Targets live on WLUW radio.
Live on the "Razor & Di Show"


11/11 MUTINY CD Release show for Above the Arctic Circle w/ The Sentinels and Phantom Works
10/30 KNOX AVENUE HOEDOWN w/ Booker Noe and Team Satan
04/23 MUTINY w/ Mean Ohio and TBA & the TBDs. Wiglar's B-Day Bash


10/09 WHPK 88.5 FM Pure Hype radio show, University of Chicago
09/19 BOTTOM LOUNGE w/ Hey Zeus, Last Fast Action, The Gnomes
09/03 WLUW 88.7 Radio One radio show. Live to tape performance and interview
08/06 QUENCHERS w/ Slick Conditions and Dos Boton
07/30 MUTINY w/ TBA & the TBDs
05/20 BEAT KITCHEN w/ Moshi Moshi Kaiju & Lemmy Caution
04/19 REGGIE'S 7th Annual CHIRP Record Fair w/ Baby Teeth, Pet Lions, Ultramark, The Valley Of the Ghosts
03/24 CHIC-A-GO-GO, Ch 19, Episode #608
03/18 CHIC-A-GO-GO, Ch 19, Episode #608
03/01 THE EMPTY BOTTLE w/ Mean Ohio & Beautiful Lepers

Soft Targets live at the Bottom Lounge.
Live @ The Bottom Lounge (L-R: Reg Shrader, Chris Auman, Dan Kiss)


12/13 THE BOTTOM LOUNGE Rory Lake's Battle of the Bands 5 w/ Veterans, Jumpsuit & Cougars
10/25 RONNY'S w/ The Mediums, Shotgun for Royalty & Animal City
09/12 THE MUTINY w/ Titmice & The Party Downers
08/30 THE BOTTOM LOUNGE w/ Mr. Russia, Titmice and Papillion
08/29 PHYLLIS' MUSICAL INN w/ Vamplifier
08/08 CARY'S LOUNGE Chris Auman solo acoustic w/ Tom Comerford, Matt Seifert & Stanley Ross
07/25 CAL'S LIQUORS w/ The Aliens, 20th Century Rocket Bldg. & Black Actress
06/19 REGGIE'S w/ Mean Ohio, Papillion & Bone Tosser
05/22 DARKROOM w/Farewell Captain & Ellie Maybe Experience

Soft Targets live at the Mutiny.
Live @ The Mutiny


11/17 PERMANENT RECORDS, in-store performance
11/17 THE NOTE w/ ClockCleaner, Why Intercept? & Anon, Good Nurse
10/13 THE MUTINY w/ The Steve Gattermeyer Band, Sleepy Kissers, The Box Bruisers & Tastes Like Dirt
09/14 WHPK 88.5 FM Pure Hype radio show, University of Chicago
08/25 THE NOTE w/ Joesepi, Quatre Tet, & The Life & Times
06/21 QUENCHERS, w/ Vamplifier
06/01 OTTO'S w/ The Singles, The Braves & Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts
04/12 THE NOTE w/ The Grackles, Grinner, and The Moaners
02/10 RONNY'S BAR Release show for Whatever Happended to Soft Targets w/ Vamplifier and Three Blue Teardrops.
02/10 PERMANENT RECORDS in-store performance

Soft Targets live at Cal's Liquors Chicago.
Live @ Cal's Liquors (L-R: curious spectator, Reg Shrader, Chris Auman,
Perry Finch, Tim Davison)


12/31 THE MUTINY w/ Vamplifier & Unconcious Pilot
12/08 THE NOTE w/ Cola Wars & The Clerics
07/20 THE NOTE w/ In Praise of Folly, The Skies We Built & Charles DeGaulle
05/20 GUNTHER MURPHY'S w/ Release show for "(Let it) Ricochet" b/w "Straight Line" The Clerics & Kasper Hauser
04/21 CAL'S LIQUORS w/ Plasma Drive & Functional Blackouts
04/14 WHPK 88.5 FM Pure Hype radio show, University of Chicago
03/10 NITE CAP LOUNGE w/ The Slats, Waste & The Grackles
01/21 BEAT KITCHEN w/ The Braves & Coupleskate

Soft Targets live at Fletcher Street Block Party, Roscoe Village.
Fletcher Street Block Party (L-R: Chris Auman, Perry Finch, Tina Finch)


08/19 SILVIE'S LOUNGE w/ Mt. Calm & Roebuck
07/30 FLETCHER STREET BLOCK PARTY w/ Coupleskate, Snack Time & The Finches


PRACTICE, practice, practice