NEW from RoosterCoW Press

Old Joe, a short thriller by Chris Auman

Experience the thrill of the hunt and the torment a young man feels while making his first kill in this short thriller.

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Debut issue of Gray Flag zine by Chris Auman

Gray Flag #1

Selected journal entries from 1990 and 1991 comprise the debut issue of Chris Auman's Gray Flag zine.

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Sssnakes Comics minicomic by Chris Auman

Sssnakes!!! #1. New mini from Chris Auman staring everybody's favorite slithery duo, Sly and Steven.

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NEW from RoosterCow Records

Soft Targets mini album,
Night After Day After Day

Soft Targets
Night After Day After Day

Way back in 2011, not long before Soft Targets split, the tracks for this 6-song minialbum were recorded with Kris Poulin in Logan Square.

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