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Soft Targets Don't Put Out

don't put out
RC013 CD [2009]

Contrary to popular legend, the title of Soft Target's third album has nothing to do with the Soft Targets demanding that RoosterCow's Dick Cockman not release the record. Naw, but it's got everything to do with the movie, The Fabulous Stains. Having jumped the sophomore slump and gotten over on the hump, Soft Targets return with their third full-length for RoosterCow. Some short punk rock blasts co-exist with some stretched out grooves in typical Softie fashion. This may be their best effort to date. Recorded by Poulin @ Armitage Shanks in Logan Square, Chicago.


Track Listing:

Figure It Out
When the Apocalypse Comes
I Don’t Act Right
Some Days
Public World
Idiot Clause
Western Civ.
Big Cats

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