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What's the point?


Chris Auman

Occasionally, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on?

[This feature has been discontinued due to it's relative pointlessness]


We ask Chicago's nude transmorgifier, Jered Gummere of Bare Mutants.

We ask raw metal evangelists Bible of the Devil.

We put a call in to The Cell Phones.

We ask Chicago corpulent time keepers Heavy Times.

We ask Chicago's hospitable hostelry proprietors Innkeepers.

We ask Tom Comerford, frontman for the band Kaspar Hauser.

We ask Chicago's frontier expanding Like Pioneers.

We ask Chicago's known Nones.

Wask Chicago's furry shoe-gazers Panda Riot.

We ask precision noise trio Phantom Works.

We ask drugstore cowboys Pharmacy.

We ask Chicago's regal evergreens Royal Pines.

We ask Chicago's clandestinely vivid Secret Colors.

We ask scorchingly bright The Fucking Hotlights.

We ask Madison's hussy-futters The Hussy.

We ask Chicago fruit baiters The Pear Trap.

We ask New York's space rocketeersWhite Hills.


We ask Chicago skin cats Flesh Panthers.

We ask wood prudes Puritan Pine Puritan Pine.

We ask Philly's purveyors of audio sibilation Purling Hiss.

We ask Chicago Guardians of Rock Sentinels.

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