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Concerts: April 2013

What's the point

The Sentinels

Occasionally, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? This week we ask Chicago Guardians of Rock SENTINELS:

What’s it all about?

Parlour is a neighborhood tavern in North Andersonville, GLBT-owned and operated, that features DJs weekly and live music monthly (2nd Saturdays). Near Clark and Devon, great place!

What’s the point?

Playing out songs from our first full length Music of the Pleistocene as well as prepping new songs for Spring recording with Kris Poulin. Featuring our new-ish drummer Michael Nicasio!

Why go on?

To quote Joe Strummer, "You've got to do what you can do as long as you can do it." Second full length will be out before 2013 is through!


Sentinels @ Parlour, 6341 N. Clark, Chicago, IL

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