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Concerts: March 2013

What's the point, Puritan Pine?

Puritan Pine

Occasionally, Reglar Wiglar Magazine asks a band, artist or musician: What’s it all about? What's the point and why go on? This week we ask wood prudes, Puritan Pine PURITAN PINE:

What’s it all about?

What it's all about is RATCHED CORE, a new sound guaranteed to momentarily entrance rock critics, hipsters and the blogosphere. It has something to do with girl groups, nineties rock and a dash of dissonance from the SST/Teen Beat/Homestead realm. Puritan Pine is the sole source, and we'll be opening this scene up on Friday, March 8 at Township in the fashionably shabby Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago. Also on the bill are Orions and Sentinels. Put down your Pabst and tater tots and get RATCHED.

What’s the point?

The point is... well, we already made our point a few months back, when we packed the notorious Mutiny Corporation in Chicago and walked off with a big stack of cash from Ed the proprietor. Nobody got stabbed and we got to drink our Old Style pitchers right there on the street. Utterly ratched. What comes after that? R. Kelly can have Pitchfork for all we care.

Why go on?

We go on because we have an EP to push: BOOMERANG. It'll be done as soon as we get it all mastered right. And we go on because our drummer Kimmie is an ex- Sea Punk in search of a new scene. She was orphaned when her habitat was mercilessly exploited by some music reporters from a free newspaper desperate for indie cred. It all got ruined quick.

To interested parties: do come to the show, but do not ask the drummer about her monocle. Do not talk at the drummer at all.


Puritan Pine, Sentinels, Orions @ Township, 2200 N. California, Chicago, IL

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