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conCERts: January 2012

What's the point, The Cell Phones?

The Cell Phones Chicago band

Each week we ask a band, musician or artist: What's it all about? What's the point? and Why go on? This week we put a call in to THE CELL PHONES:

What’s it all about?

It's about blast beats, bass slaps, and gutsy pipes. It's about pizza and whiskey and MORE whiskey. It's about playing shows with bands just as wacky and passionate, like the show we're playing at Pancho's with The Baby Magic and The Vatican Junkies on January 26th! It's about enthusiasm and exclamation points!

What’s the point?

To play every Chicago venue that can be played (and even some that can't)! To be the first band to play on the moon! To record our music wherever we can including our living room, and more recently, with Caffeinated Records to make our first full-length album! And so we can tour America's face off!

Why go on?

We've been going on for four years, why the heck stop now? The Cell Phones has become a necessity to each of us. Especially now that the Empty Bottle finally has us on their bill (free Monday, Feb 27th)!


The Baby Magic, The Cell Phones, Vatican Junkies @ Pancho's, 2200 N. California., Chicago, IL

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