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Pucker Up!

Chris Auman

Come on Feel the Lemonheads

The Lemonheads
Come on Feel the Lemonheads
[Atlantic] 1993

How you feel about the Lemonheads really comes down to how you feel about Evan Dando. I personally, never enjoyed his antics much. He seemed a bit of an arrogant pretty boy, but I will concede that he is capable of writing a decent pop song. Going way back to Hate Your Friends, a decent enough punk record, Dando showed a proclivity for pop hooks. Decent, I guess is the word I would use to describe the music of the Lemonheads. It certainly describes Come on Feel the Lemonheads.


When this record came out in 1993, Dando and the Lads had already enjoyed some success and celebrity with It's a Shame About Ray, released the previous year. That record was the band's debut for Atlantic Records. There were worse bands being signed to the majors in the early 90s and The Lemonheads should have been capable of shifting more than a few units for their new label. They weren't. Dando's drug issues kinda put the kabosh on any continued success and the L. Heads dissolved, leaving a sour taste on the tongue of corporate rock.

"Being Around" and "Big Gay Heart" reveal a love of county. "Into your Arms" is a pop gem (written by Robyn St. Clare) and "Rick James Style" is pretty heavy. The record, as I've said, is decent. Decent enough, in fact, to justify plopping down two quarters at the Salvation Army.

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