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A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls
A Flock of Seagulls
Haircuts aside, A Flock of Seagulls is an underrated band. Wait, hold on a minute, I know what you're thinking (or shouting loudly): "Are you out of your ever-loving mind?" Perhaps, but please hear me out. [Read more]

An Overview
I’m probably going to catch a lot of heat from Asia fans for this blog post (just kidding, there are no living Asia fans), but we need to be honest with ourselves. History is important to our future and understanding the mistakes we’ve made in the past will only make us stronger as we move forward as a civilization. [Read more]

Crimes of Passionpat benatar
Crimes of Passion
If you bought this record in 1980, you got a pretty decent guitar rock record that bordered on pop but was quite a distance from any kinda synthy new wave shit. No, it’s not the Pretenders—it’s actually closer to Blondie (but not so cloyingly cute and clever as that band had become by the start of the 80s). [Read more]

The Carsthe cars
The Cars
Talk about debuts that dominate, this Boston band could have packed it all in after one record and they still would have achieved legendary status. As it was, they didn’t and therefore were able to set the tone for the coming decade and their dominance of it. [Read more]

Falco may be familiar to those of a certain age who remember being bombarded by “Rock Me Amadeus” circa 1986. As a result of that shelling, we can be forgiven for being a little shell-shocked by his somewhat ridiculous attempt at white boy rap. [Read more]

GNR LiesGuns and Roses
GNR Lies
In the late 80s and early 90s, Guns and Roses were the biggest band in the world. And they weren't whinny little twits like Billy Corgan either. They were nasty, dirty, drunken, drugged out, impolite rock stars. [Read more]

Come on Feel the LemonheadsThe Lemonheads
Come on Feel the Lemonheads

How you feel about the Lemonheads really comes down to how you feel about Evan Dando. I personally, never enjoyed his antics much, but I will concede that he is capable of writing a decent pop song. [Read more]

Metro MusicMartha and the Muffins
Metro Music
Far superior to what many 80s bands were producing at the dawn of that decade, Martha and the Muffins mangaged to sound fairly fresh and, unlike many of their contemporaries, hair cuts were kept in relative check. (Yeah, I’m talking to you Kajagoogoo.) [Read more]

Business as UsualMen at Work
Business as Usual

For some reason, saxophones were completely acceptable in the 1980s. Socially, musically, thematically, perhaps inexplicably they were completely, totally acceptable to have in your band and on your records. Just ask the Psychedelic Furs or Romeo Void—hell, ask The Boss! You can certainly ask Men at Work. [Read more]

Motley Crue Shout at the DevilMÖtley CrÜe
Shout at the Devil
When Shout at the Devil came out, I remember seeing the promotional posters for the album on full display at Musicland. I was 13 and fortunately for my virgin ears it would be a year or two before I was subjected to the actual music contained on that album. They sure looked ridiculous though. [Read more]

SynchronicityTHE POLICE
Synchronicity, the fifth studio album from The Police, was a monster seller in all formats and turned these three blonds from super stars into super duper stars. [Read more]

Too Tough Too DieTHE RAMONES
Too Tough to Die
Not the greatest Ramones record ever ever, but really, have they ever made a bad one? With the Ramones you have to embrace their faults, idiosyncracies, and quirks and love them wart hogs and all. [Read more]

Kick Happt, Thrill Hungry, Ready and WillingRights of the Accussed
Kick Happy, Thrill Hungry, Ready and Willing
Rights of the Accused started out as a juvenile hardcore band in Chicago in the early 80s. Their 1984 Innocence 7" is considered a classic of early Chicago hardcore. [Read more]

Into the Gap
Into the Gap was Thompson Twin’s 1984 chart topper. What the three twins produced in this release is a great pop record by any decade’s standards. It didn’t hurt that they had, not only a firm grasp on 80s fashion, but the means to capitalize on it. [Read more]

Thoughts of YesterdayT.S.O.L.
Thoughts of Yesterday 1981-1982
Few 80s bands went through as many stylistic somersaults as the SoCal band T.S.O.L. Melodic hardcore, gothic guitar rock, hard rock and metal where all tackled with a fluctuating line-up and a loyal fan base. [Read more]

The Unforgiventhe unforgiven
The Unforgiven
The Unforgiven certainly played a poppy brand of hard rock and if these dudes would have gone the glam route with lipstick and colorful scarves, like your Poisons and Cinderellas, they may have had more success. [Read more]

An Overview
I've never met a Yes fan in real life, but I don't doubt they used to exist. I've never met a pterodactyl either, but I am confident that somewhere out there a fossilized Yes fan is just chilling in amber. [Read more]

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