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Daydream Nation

Chris Auman

Wooing Daydream Time Machine

Daydream Time Machine EP
[Ba Da Bing]

Rachel Trachtenburg’s latest band, Wooing, is looking to do just that with this three-song seven inch EP from Ba Da Bing. Though still shy of 30 by a few years, Trachtenburg has already had a long career in music. From her childhood days in the family band, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and the pop project that followed, Supercute!, she has been a presence on the music scene in New York City since the tender age of nine.

A long affiliation with NYC has rubbed off on Wooing in a good way and it's a good long way from cloylingly cute ukulele and keyboard music. The three songs on the band’s debut incorporate a Sonic Youth-inspired guitar noise assault and makes use of the loud/soft, sweet/noisy formula of 90s bands like Nirvana and the Breeders all. It works well when set against Trachtenburg’s sweet, youthful voice.

“In Color,” a song inspired by the LSD experiments performed on housewives in the 1950s, starts with quiet guitar and hushed vocals that rise in a wave of reverb-soaked guitars and a sliding bass line that helps it builds into a bad trip freakout before resolving itself.

“Tear World” is stressed out, screaming guitars that can only be soothed by Trachtenburg’s crooning pleas, ending with guitars that mimic the language of whales, if I’m not mistaken. On “Two Can Keep A Secret” the vocals match the agitated intensity of the rest of the band before it too resolves into sweetness and light. A solid three-song effort for this brand new trio and a hope that they maintain the effort.

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