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Sweetness and Light

Chris Auman

Sweet Times Volume 6 Various

Sweet Times Volume 6
Various Artists
[Who Can You Trust?]

Sweet Times Volume 6 is a four-way seven inch split compilation from the German label Who Can You Trust? You can generally trust WCYT? to put out some heavy rock and this sixth volume of their series is no exception. While I missed Sweet Times volume 1 through 5, I would imagine they contained similar efforts from like-minded bands.

Oakland’s Dealer step up to knock out the first song of side A with a heavy slab called “Casino” which sounds like early 90s Sub Pop—maybe a few fingers borrowed from Six Finger Satellite.

Sticking with the state of California, Char-Man, from Ojai, deliver a jangly Ramones-inspired fuck all tune about whatever “Freak Rock” is. Hydromedusa from Adelaide (in the Down Under) bring us a song called (and possibly about) Falco. And to bring it all home, L.A.’s Zig Zags bleed all over a track called "Blood" and a Black Sabbath-sized riff.

The main thrust of this comp., and the bands on it, is heavy unbridled rock with a little metal and punk thrown in for good measure. I think they used to call this grunge, but I could be mistaken.

This seven inch EP is a limited edition run of 500 and features a cover by Jesse California, seemingly inspired by Gilbert Sheldon’s Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

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