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Solid gold

Chris Auman>

Parquet Courts Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts
Light Up Gold
[Dull Tools]

It’s fitting pehaps that Parquet Courts use footage from old hardcore shows in their video for “Light Up Gold II”. They’re anything but a hardcore band, but they defitnitely wear their influences on the sleeves of their throwback jerseys (yep, that's a football reference). I have a feeling this is a band of former record store clerks—record collecting geeks at the very least. I hear so many bands I love in each song and in the Court's whole approach to the band thing. There’s Minutemen for brevity ("Donuts Only"). There’s Camper Van Beethoven for jangly sing-alongs ("Light Up Gold II"). There’s Modern Lovers (“Stoned and Starving”) complete with ad hoc guitar solos. There's the lo-fi pop weirdness of GBV (“Caster of Useless Spells"). The record also has general themes of humor “Careers in Combat”, “N. Dakota” and what could be called a love song (“Yonder is Closer to the Heart”). These guys soaked it all up to make a classic record complete with the requisite imperfections of wrong notes, out-of-tune guitars and pitchy vocals. Light Up Gold is a welcome relief from some dudes who get it. I get it. Get this record!

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