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Dezperate Beats

PC Jones

Two Bit Dezperados/Beat Mark Split 7”

Two Bit Dezperados/Beat Mark
Split 7”
[Shit Music for Shit People]

Portuguese rockers, Two Bit Dezperados, provide the a-side for this split seven inch from the good people at Shit Music. “Blind” is their track and it's all rousing verses giving way to a raving, wordless chorus. It sounds like it was recorded in a damp basement with nothing but old tube amps and reverb. Just the way we like it 'round here. France's Beat Mark get the flip and they come at us with a bouncy, jangly pop tune that's got kind of a Feelies groove to it, if the Feelies had a female singer (or a singer who could sing in tune—no disrespect to the Feelies). Both of these bands feature women taking the lead on the mike and French artist Vanessa Fanuele provides the cover art this time around.

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