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You’re in a Box

Chris Auman

The Box “The Door” b/w “The Brain” 7”

The Box
“The Door” b/w “The Brain” 7”
[Plastic Spoon]

Vincent Bergier, former guitarist for French garage rock legends, Crash Normal is packaging his solo efforts into The Box these days. This two song 7” inch from Plastic Spoon records shows what Bergier is up to musically with two dark, brooding tracks. "The Door" opens with some imposing synths, a menacing drum machine beat and crackling tube amp as Vincent pontificates about god-knows-what in a barely audible voice. "The Brain" processes similar musical thoughts substituting a clean guitar sound to do battle with distorted guitar noise. The repetition is competing for the attention of your riff-addled mind. Bergier provides the cool and colorful cover art.

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