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No Brown Baggers!

Lunch Lady Sue

Hot Lunch Killer Smile b/w You’re Alright 7”

Hot Lunch
Killer Smile b/w You’re Alright 7”
[Who Can You Trust? Records]

Keeping with the cafeteria theme here, Hot Lunch serve up some pretty fierce rock and roll on this piping hot 7". The a-side features the thriller, “Killer Smile” with a heavy acid rock riff and some high octane energy. The b-side is a cover song from the Hal Jepson 1980 skater film Skateboard Madness. The actual name of the song and its original performers and writer(s) seem to be lost to history, or at least it's lost to my feeble internet search. It's what you could call a love song from a surfer dude who doesn’t express his feeling all that well except to say, you're my baby and we'll leave it at that. Cassettes and more coming from Hot Lunch. Your lunch ticket is about to get stamped!

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