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too fast too filthy

PC Jones

Flesh Panthers Quick and Dirty

Flesh Panthers
Quick and Dirty
[Cold Slice Cassettes]

Flesh Panthers play fast and loose with sobriety and good taste, which is to say, they have little of either. They are also not much concerned with production values as they have none, unless you consider no production a value. That aside, Quick and Dirty, their ten song cassette on Cold Slice, is a piece of pretty blistering punk rock that’s not only over the top but over before you have time to learn the names of the songs. Sounding at times like an amped up King Buzzo fronting the Germs, the Panthers always sound a little dangerous. It's like when that staggering schizo passes you on the street and for that second or two when you’re just inches apart, you’re really not sure what he’s gonna do or how you'll react, that's the vibe the Panthers seem to aspire to and obtain.


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