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Dinero es Muy Bueno

Otis E. Lee

Dinero Sheep

[no label]

What would you get if you took a half pound of Meat Puppets and a cup of ZZ Top, mixed it together in a stainless steel bowl, threw in a dash of the politics of Boon and Watt, wring into it the blue collar of CCR and add a pinch of lightnin' quick, finger pickin’ blues? Well, you’d have made yourself a big ol' batch of delicious Dinero. This Colorado trio's head honcho, Mike Wing, has an ax to grind, fortunately for us that ax is stringed. "Concealed Weapons and Open Containers," "The Coyote Song," and "Some People Push Back" tap into a lot of the anger that exists in this country regardless of whether your state is red or blue. It's not just the Tea Party who's angry, some of the beer and whisky drinkers are pretty pissed too.


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