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Keep it Sleazy

Jayne Wayne

The Band in Heaven Sleazy Dreams EP 7”

The Band in Heaven
Sleazy Dreams EP 7”

If this is indeed the band in heaven, they’re missing Jimi Hendrix on guitar, John Entwhistle on bass, Ray Charles on piano and Rick Allen’s left arm on drums. (That was fucked up, I apologize). This band, Band in Heaven, is a Florida duo who create what some pundits are calling "nightmare pop." That tag is apt, although nightmare is a bit harsh—more like rolling dream music for a wired, but tired, washed-out brain that is susceptible to soaking up the distortion and fuzz of the subconscious.

The Band in Heaven's four song Hozac seven inch gallops off into the dreamscape with the driving, noisy "Sleazy Dreams". “If You Only Knew” continues the hypnotic barrage and “Summer Bummer” would make a bummer of any summer. The EP's closer, “Sludgy Dreams,” takes “Sleazy Dreams” and sludges down the tempo considerably. Like another link in The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Band in Heaven keep it simple, distorted and loud.


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