Frog in a box


Are the frogs and turtles real?

Of course not. We would never send a real reptile or amphiban in the mail. The animals we ship, as well as their friends, are either plastic or rubber.


Who are these gift boxes for?

Both kids and adults love our gifts. However, since the boxes do contain small toys, they are not recommended for children ages three and younger.


Can I send one to a friend?

Certainly, just give us their address and a personal message. Hop here to see some examples of what they might get.


Do frogs tweet?

We don’t tweet, we croak and ribbbit, but if you’re asking if we use Twitter, then we do. We like to post on Facebook too. Like us, follow us and say hi! Got a tip on a juicy swarm of flies or a batch of tasty crickets? Let us know!


How can I ask the Old Toad a question?

If you have a question for the Old Toad, you can mail it to us at theboxingfrog@gmail. Or post it to our Facebook or Twitter pages.


Are there other boxes planned for the future?

Yes, we are excited to expand our offerings. Next up is Snakes-in-the-Grass. Look for that later in 2017.


Can I order a copy of the Tadpole Times without buying a box?

Sure, just order through the link and we'll mail you the current issue. It's only two green backs, which includes postage.

Order the Tadpole Times:


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