"Hello. Me Ogmund Ogg. Me caveman. Me want Trump for Leader of Country. Me believe Trump most great man be Leader. Me use Twitter for help make Trump Leader. Og wife Uga support Og. Help Og make tweet. Follow Og for tweet.

Caveman for Trump

Who is Og?

Ogmund “Og” Ogg is an American caveman and political activist. According to Og's own recollections, he was born in a cave about 40,000 years ago (give or take a thousand years). On January 2, 1895 Og was discovered frozen in a chunk of leftover glacier way, way up north in northern Norway. He came to the U.S. shortly after as a part of a traveling history show.

Og is married to Uga, who despite appearances is not a cave women. She is a women who lives in a cave and she is married to a caveman, however, she was born in the 1980s and is originally from the Valley.

Og is a big Trump supporter and believes only Trump can make our country more great again.

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Og Illustration by Mike Dixon

Interview with Og Ogmund

I’m Wolf Blizterd you’re watching CMN. This is the Sticky Situation Room. Joining us now is Mr. Og Ogg, who is head of the political action group, Cavemen for Trump. Thank you for joining us Og.

Og: Beard man welcome.

Blizterd: Why are you supporting Donald Trump for President, Mr. Ogg?

Og: Og like Trump. Trump make lots money. He good business. He make good leader. No loser Trump.

Blizterd: Yes, but what in particular about Trump’s policies do you like?

Og: Og want country. Trump want country. No border, no country for Og. Trump make wall so Og have country.

Blizterd: Fair enough. What do you think when Donald Trump says he wants to ban Muslims from entering the US.

Og: Og no know what is Muslim, but Trump say no, Og say OK.

Blizterd: Good point. What do you think about the other candidates running against, Mr. Trump, Og?

Og: Trump say Bush loser. Say Carson look sleep. Say Clinton pig. Trump say funny thing. Make Og laugh. Og like laugh. Ha ha.

Blizterd: Totally understandable, Og. Is there anything about Mr. Trump that you don’t like?

Og: Og no like Trump use big word like "tremendous" and "California". He think he very very smarter than Og. He no very very smarter. He make good leader, make sure we have country, but he no very very smarter than Og, but Og still like.

Blizterd: Mr. Og Ogg of the Cavemen for Trump organization. Thank you Mr. Ogg.

Og: Beard man welcome.

Og and Uga's home in Cave Springs, AK.

Og's Cave

Og's football. Ouch!

Og's football