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diamond in the rough

Chris Auman

Big Diamond Liam Ira Christian

Big Diamond
Liam Ira Christian
[Pioneers Press]

If I would have read the "About the Artist" page at the end of this zine first, that would have cleared up a lot of things for me early on. However, I did not see it until I had finished reading this short zine. That said, I was trying hard not to be too judgmental of this publication and its creator as I turned the pages, but I was beginning to think Liam Christian a bit overzealous in what I could only describe as an attempt at outsider art. Discovering that Liam is in fact a three year old who took the photos, wrote the captions and chose the accompanying artwork for the zine himself, came as some relief. I started over from the beginning with this new found knowledge and suddenly it all made sense. Well, it made more sense at any rate.

Big Diamond is Liam's first zine. It is a collection of photos and cutout images he found interesting. Star Wars is a theme that is explored here. He is the son of Jesse Duke, the proprietor of Pioneers Press and the Hard Fifty Farm in NE Kansas. That would mean Liam has been surrounded by zines his entire life and there will surely be more of his own publications to come. No matter what age your are, three to 83, everything you create is valid and worthy of publishing and sharing in my opinion, so save your stuff, save your kid's stuff. My mom did and look what happened to it all these decades later.


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