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What is Art?

Chris Auman

Manifesto #1
Ed Tillman

This small (four-by-five-and-a-halfinch) zine concerns itself with art. That is to say, fine art. Manifesto's introduction to the world starts with an accounting of a conversation among friends about what constitutes art. After the futility of that question is established, the rest of the zine features short snippets by various artists on a variety of art-related subjects.

"Polaroid” waxes nostalgic for the archaic camera and film. “Dirty Filthy Art” recommends good old preservative-filled white bread to clean up old paintings and “Plate Glass Observations” is people watching in an LA neighborhood through the window of a tiny Greek restaurant. If you're artistically inclined or merely artistically interested in art, this zine was made with you in mind. [edtillman]


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