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Lucky No. 13

Chris Auman

13 Years of Good Luck Joel Biel

13 Years of Good Luck
Joel Biel
[Microcosm Publishing]

In 2009, Microcosm celebrated thirteen years of existence as an indie distributor and publisher. Thirteen Years of Good Luck is a greatest hits package of writers and artists whose work has been published by the collective. This 96 pager bursts with first-time reprints, in most cases (Jesse Reklaw, Cindy Crabb, Urban Hermitt and founder Joel Biel) and never-before-published stuff in others (Liz Baillie, Cristy Road, Al Burian). Some of the type is pretty tiny for my tired eyes but the overall package looks great and serves as an overview of what has become—I think it's fair to say—a DIY institution. You can't beat the price either: one buck!

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