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Reglar Wiglar first issue

Reglar Wiglar number 2

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Reglar Wiglar #14 cover

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Print Archives 1993-2005

The Reglar Wiglar was published as a print zine from 1993 to 2004. Below are links to dang near all the content printed in those 21 issues. Additionally, there were three issues printed from 2014 to 2016, which are available throught RoosterCow Press.

Band Interviews: Articles on and interviews with Fleshies, Hold Steady, Reigning Sound, Lamb of God and more.

Comics Artists Inteviews: Articles on and interviews Peter Bagge, Dan Clowes, Johnny Ryan and Gary Panter and others.

Parody Interviews: Rather than interview real bands and musicians, in those early years, we just made them up.

Articles: Parodies, humor, satire and snark-filled rants.

Record Reviews: We reviewed hundreds of albums in the 12 years of the print version. A few were made up as well.

DVD Reviews: Remember DVDs. We do 'cause we used to watch 'em and review 'em.

Zine Reviews: So many zines, so little time and space for reviews, but we tried.

Restaurant Reviews: Why not review our least favorite fastfood restaurants, we thought one day. So we did.

Letters to the Editor: You sent them, we published them and sometimes we just made them up too.

Band Interviews

Interview with the sloppy, fun, unpretentious Weird Lovemakers! From Arizona!

KC MO's The Pillows probabaly aren't around anymore, but they sure where when Star Reporter C. Bales hung out with them back in the day.

Once upon a time, a naked faced Joey T. Germ interviewed Chicago's most notorious masked band The Goblins.

The should call them Rocket Propelled Greats! But they don't. Or maybe they do. How about RVA's RPG?

Mike Dixon reigned in Tennessee's Reigning Sound and wrote up this nice little article foot-noted article.

They may not be as cool as Eddie Blazonczyk and the Versatones, but they're Polkaholics, damin it!

The Peelers will strip the paint right off your walls. Find out more!

Ain't no party like a New Rob Robbies 'cause a NRR party don't stop!

It may not be obvious to you, but M.O.T.O., ladies and gentlemen

If you're going to lie somewhere, you might as well do it in states, like the band Lying in States.

They may not take away the sins of the world, but they have mercy on us. Lamb of God bring the metal.

Now hold on and read this interview with The Hold Steady.

Oakland's Fleshies will make your flesh crawl... with excitement!

From a town without mercy, it's Federation X.

Straight outa the 'Nati, that CincinNati, it's the Fairmount Girls!

If you're going to frolic, might as well do it on Ether Frolics.

Since there's no such thing as a gas-powered Frankenstein, here's Electric Frankenstein instead.

Canada's greatest export since snow, the legendary, prolific, terrific DOA!

Heavy, loud, proud and always ready to lay it down, Chi-Town's Decibators check in.

Always workin'/tryin'. That's why we love Creepy D.

Oh Noe, they didn't. Oh, yes, they did: Booker Noe, from Fort Collins, CO, ladies and gentlemen.

MISC. Interviews

Long-time Chicago punk rock scenester and man about town, Sluggo.

The great unwashed, muscian Micah Scott.

What do we need to take control? We could use the Rat Patrol.

Comics Artists Interviews

Creator of such delightful & memorable characters as Mickey Pimple and Muktuk Wolf'sbreath: Terry Laban

If you don't laugh at Sam Henderson's comics you probably have bananas stuck in your eye sockets.

Since the 1970s, Gary Panter has spread his inimitable alternate-universe visions across the world as a true testament to the power of imagination. He's a really nice guy, too!

Gumpy mastermind Dan Clowes grudgingly agreed to answer some questions from our own Randy McQueen.

The gross-out king, Johnny Ryan shared some of his innermost thoughts and feeling with us.

Peter Bagge may have created HATE comics, but he certainly isn't hateful.

Parody interviews

There's the White Stripes and the Strokes and so we, of course, would interview the White Strokes.

Two of the dopest, illest, chillest white boyz in Rockford, IL:

White Bred & Honky MC #1

White Bred & Honky MC #2

Weenis They are adorable and scruffy indie rockers, that is of course, if they even existed.

'Women in rock' was a thing people used to say a lot when talking about Vermicious Knids.

Vag Girls They're bad, they're rad, they're from California.

Remember when ska bands were all the rage. So do we! Check out this interview with Skatastrophe.

Meet the band that killed Alternative Rock: Nerd Pipe.

These proto-grunge rockers really had us shaking our heads: MotherScratcher.

Now you see them, soon you won't: Mirage.

He's lil, he's dirty, and he's most certainly a bastard: Lil Dirty Bastard.

If you enjoy infantile music, you'll go gaga over Lady Goo-Goo.

We don't care for what you're insynuating: Insynuator.

No, you're thinking of Emenem. This is Enenen.

It had to happen at some point, but still, it's sad: The Death of Alternative Rock.

If you don't like pretentious singer/ songwriters, you'll really hate Annie Baldwell.


Fire without Prejudice Shit-canning your employees legally

He hates people. You hate people. We all hate people. Read Bastige Von Curr's Down with People

Rain Drops The first last and only literary supplement you'll never read

Bastige Von Curr's Tips on Proper Etiquette

Gotta job you hate? Make the best of it. Read this guide to Making the Least of Your Time

We are all a bit Psychologically Unfit

Remember that nasty Zima stuff. We tried it back in the day. Zima with a Z

Save the Planet You mean we haven't saved this festering s-hole of a planet yet?

There are certainly more than ten, but you get the idea: Ten Things You Can Do to Make Me Hate You

How to Be a Smart-Ass without getting your skinny little ass kicked in

How to Write Heavy, Deep Symbolic Poetry It's easy. All you need is a bad attitude!

Unverified Trivial Facts Speculative Trivia is the name of the game here, kids

Read this disgusting story before your next flight: Weeds the Dope Dog

Staff Meeting Minutes No Wilgar function should ever take place anywhere near where alchoholic beverage are can be consumed or even thought about

Who's Your Favorite Rock Star? You can tell us. It will be our secret

Do you have a question for the Rocker? Then Ask the Rocker 'cause the Rocker is in

Record reviews

Everyone's favorite Haiku Record Reviews

When two words is too much and no words is not enough: One Word  Record Reviews

He's a tosser to be sure, but he's a real-life British punk rocker. He's Dunc the Punk and he's pissed

"The Longest, Noncuring Stree in the World": Western Avenue

Anybody have time for Record Reviews Written in 45 Seconds (or less)?

RW #21 Artreyu, The Briefs, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, M.O.T.O., Screeching Weasel, plus bunches more

RW #20 Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Green Day, New Bomb Turks, Snapcase plus a few dozen more

RW #19 Avail, The Donnas, Fallout Boy, Fleshies, The Sea and Cake (and eat it too)

RW #18 All American Rejects, Avenged Sevenfold, Fleshies, NOFX, Reigning Sound plus some

RW #17 Bobby Conn, Federation X, Modest Mouse, Jim O'Rourke, Fleshies, plus a bunch

RW #16 Dead Moon, Electric Frankenstein, The Lawrence Arms, The Polkaholics, Scared of Chaka, others

RW #15 Compulsive Gamblers, Dillinger 4, Lamb of God, Mudhoney and more.

RW #14 Dead Moon, Himsa, Misfits, Old Time Relijun, Reagan National Crash Diet and then some

RW #13 Gang Green, Tom Waits, Burn the Priest and a bunch you never heard of

RW #12 Archers of Loaf, Dillinger Four, The Business, Leaving Trains, Nerves, The Slackers, Queers and then a bunch of other ones too

RW #11 Avail, Braid, Cows, Scared of Chaka, Halo Benders and so many more

RW #10 Burn the Priest, Dead Moon, Electric Summer, Nashville Pussy, The Notwist, T.S.O.L. and others

RW #9 Ace Frehley, Auntie Christ, Jimmy Eat World & Mötley Crüe for some reason, plus more

RW #8 Descendents, The Goblins, MXPX, Rock-a-Teens and more

RW #7 NOFX, Roger Miller, Avail, Guided by Voices and Yes (wtf?)

RW #6 Team Satan, The Chainsaw Kittens, Mercy Rule, etc.

RW #5 Fudge Tunnel, New Rob Robbies /Vambo Marble eye split and at least a couple fakes

RW #4 The Hairy Patt Band, Mama Tick and at least one fictitious one

RW #3 Veruca Salt's "Seether" 7", Mama Tick, Milkmine and more

RW #2 The Grifters, Sepultura, Afgan Whigs, Ass Ponys

RW #1 Review of Mercury Rev's Boces and a few other reviews that just seem made up

Live Reviews

In 1998, we sent an ornery Travis Fickle to the Blaisdale Auditorium in Honolulu, Hawaii to cover Van Halen.

Travis Fickle almost gets a chance to see Pearl Jam

Joey Germ and Malcolm tent set off on an epic journey to see Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson perform at the House of Blues. They would be very disappointed.

DVD Reviews

[coming soon]

Zine Reviews

Get yer Zine Reviews, people

Reviews from RW#9-14

Reviews from RW#15-21

Restaurant Reviews

Nothing slides in or out quiet like a White Castle slider.

If you think a combination Taco Bell-KFC sounds like a good idea, you're half right.

Subway. Eat fresh?

It's only rock and roll, but I don't like it (Rock_and Roll McDonalds).

Regular McDonalds, kinda boring by comparison, but oh well. Burgers still suck.

Ok, now I get why they call it Hooters. That's funny!

The king is dead, long live the Burger King!

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