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RW #24: Book of Jobs Part 3

RW #23


by Chris Auman

This issue completes my decades-in-the-making “Jobs Trilogy” where I recount every job I have ever held regardless of the duration of said occupation. How does it all end? Does it end? Well, for the past year and a half I have been able to support myself full-time as a freelance writer. It was, after all, a writing degree I earned at Columbia College all those years ago. If you’ve read the previous two issues, you know there were many food service, telemarketing and miscellaneous bullshit jobs in between. Some lasted a few days, one lasted the better part of a decade. What they all had in common, to a certain degree, is that they all sucked in many ways. Some much, much more than others.

Now that I am free of this project, I plan to continue with other themed issues, even if those themes are “no theme” at all. Over the past three years, I’ve managed an output of one issue per year. Maybe I can improve on that. Maybe not. First things, first though. There’s a lot to get through in this issue, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Chris Auman, Chicago, Illinois, Summer 2016

In this issue:

Jobs Part 3

Slinging Veggie Hash

In a Pickle

Inside the Box

Beat Kitchen

That's Classified




Thai Lagoon

New Jacked City

Going Greek

Apocalypse Lao

Install Crew

Let's Do Brunch

Freelance Freedom?

The Controller

Forgotten American Music Masters

Joe John Buck, Jr.

The History of Music


Caught Slipping Dept.

An Open Letter to People Who Thinks Slipping on a Banana Peel is Funny


Garnishy Wages

Beard Styles of the U.S.

Getting the Beard Back Together

Candy from Strangers Dept.

Least Popular Halloween Candy


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