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Bitch and Moan, Dept.


Have you ever read a “Best Of” or “Top Ten” list containing entries you totally don’t agree with? We’ve all felt the sting of these insults that were obviously directed at us personally. Don’t just stew in your own juices, leave your impulsive reaction in the site’s comments section, or use the Reglar Wiglar Fill-in-the-Blank Gripe Sheet below. Be sure to send it to them before you have time to cool off and realize how pointless your opinion about stupid shit really is. And remember, if you are really confident in your position, you can remain anonymous. It really adds heft to your argument.

Dear ______________,

I read your __________ list of the best ____________ in the last issue/on your website. I could not disagree more with your choices. Where is ____________? How about ___________? I couldn’t help but notice that __________ was conspicuously absent from your “___________ list”. And to give _________ the top spot? How totally ____________. (In case you can’t tell, that was __________!) I hope you try harder to do a more inclusive job next time. I expect better from a magazine/website that seems to hold itself in such high regard.



[Your name here]


Originally published in RW#23, 2014

RW #22



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