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RW #22: Book of Jobs Part 1

RW #22


by Chris Auman

It’s been a long time since a print edition of the Reglar Wiglar has seen the glorious light of day—almost ten years! Since I made the switch to digital publishing in 2005, I’ve reviewed dozens of records, zines and comics and interviewed half dozens of bands, artists and writers. I have definitely enjoyed the freedom that our beloved Internet provides. I love building web pages and plotting websites and, even if I only make one cent off a pay-per-click ad, that’s still pure profit. Not like the old days of never breaking even.

That said, the Internet... well, it’s the Internet, isn’t it? It’s filled to your browser’s brim with bunk that muddles your mind and saps your soul. Hyberbolically speaking, of course. Publishing a blog or uploading a web page just doesn’t give you the same feeling of creating something with your hands, like when you make a comic or a zine. At least it doesn’t for me. Nor is uploading a music file the same as stuffing your band’s vinyl record into a silk-screened sleeve. Young people are realizing this as older people remember.

Anyway, here we are with Reglar Wiglar #22. The roots of this issue go back to the summer of 2006 and the Introduction was written then. In August of that year, I found myself unemployed. Actually, I made myself unemployed, but that’s a story for a future edition. During this “transitional” period, I compiled a list of every job I’ve ever had. I started writing down what I remembered about each of them. In the eight years since then I have gone back to my jobs list a few times and fleshed out different parts here and there. I was unsure of what to do with it. Then one day I figured, fug it, maybe I should just serialize it as an ongoing feature in a print version of a rebooted Reglar Wiglar. So that happened and here we are.

The rest of the content is just some writing and comics that were either intented for other publications and were rejected for whatever reason, or things that I published myself on the half dozen blogs that I half-heartedly created to post stuff to in a half-assed fashion.

It took eight years to finish this one forty page issue, I sincerely hope the next one doesn’t take as long, and as always, I hope you get a good swift kick out of it.

Chris Auman, Madison, Wisconsin, Summer 2014

In this issue:

Jobs Part 1:



Paper Route

Orange Blossom Special


Drug Dealing


Lawnmower Boy

Foodservice is Your Life

Forgotten American Music Masters

Sly Budlam

Willma Tilly

Top 10 List

The Top Ten Numbers of All Time

Hungover Poetry

I Got More

You're Tabloid News

You're Funny

The History of Music

A Flock of Seagulls

Donald Trump Reviews Records:

Metallica, Ride the Lightning


Cassetty: Living in the 80s

Fridge Cop

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