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Book of Jobs Part 1


by Chris Auman

When I was maybe sixteen or seventeen, I was recommended by my High School Guidance Counselor for a job with the local paper, The Galena Gazette. She must have heard that I had spent some time in the newspaper business (see “The Paper Route” above). My job was to cover the high school varsity and junior varsity basketball teams. I had to attend the home games, take a few pictures with the Gazette's 35mm camera, talk to the coach afterwards and then write up the thrilling, white-knuckled, edge-of-your-seat print version. It was actually pretty easy since Coach Herrig basically wrote the story himself verbally. He laid down the outline of the game, complemented the other team and their coach, name-checked a few of our key players, tossed out a stat or two along with some worn-out sports clichés and boom! Done. At three dollars per photo and fifteen cents per column inch, I was able to make an extra five or six dollars a week. That might have been pretty good money for a Stringer in 1936. 1986, not so much.


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Originally published in RW#22, 2014

RW #22


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