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Book of Jobs Part 3


by Chris Auman

After quitting the Lao place, I worked on a writing project creating descriptions for every bike trail in the state of Wisconsin. It was temporary only lasting about a month after which I still had a collection of low-paying writing gigs and my installs at the museum about three times a year. I felt a little vulnerable financially. While perusing Craig’s List one day, I spied an ad for a brunch cook at a vegetarian restaurant a few blocks away from my apartment in the Schenk-Atwood neighborhood on the city’s east side. I sent an email to the address listed in the ad detailing my restaurant experience and was hired sight unseen. I worked as a brunch cook mainly, but also as a sub for when other cooks didn’t feel like showing up. Of course, knowing that there was someone to cover for them increased the frequency of these occurrences.


Coincidentally, the restaurant occupied the former space of a dive bar my band had played in roughly ten years earlier. It was called Mr. Blue’s Anchor Inn then. It was also nearly 20 years to the month that I started at the veggie Chicago Diner (see above) and it was staffed by a similar batch of twenty-somethings, many of whom were working through hangovers. And just like old days the work was hard and the pay low. After six months, when the cook I replaced wanted his old shift back, I gave it up gladly.

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Originally published in RW#24, 2014

RW #24

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