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Book of Jobs Part 3


by Chris Auman

After quitting Suck Co., so confident was I that a new job was directly around the corner, I was actually worried about not having enough time off to enjoy a bit of a vacation. Ha! The manager of the Virgin Megastore (old college friend and former roommate) hooked me up with a four-day task setting up and dismantling their pop-up store at the 2006 Lollapalooza. It also involved using a golf cart to pick up bands and musicians from various backstage areas and driving them to Virgin’s autograph tent. They were long days and breaking down shelves and tents and packing up unsold product after four days in the hot sun was a task not completed until the early Monday morning hours. I also managed to contract what I called Lolla-fluenza—a weird viral chest cold thing that I probably contracted after being forced to use porta potties along with 100,000 other disgusting humans. I forget who most of the precious cargo were that I delivered safely to their destinations, but I do remember carting Common, Flaming Lips, Iron and Wine, Killing Hannah, Lady Sovereign, etc. When I woke up at some point that Monday, I was sick as a dog and officially unemployed.

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Originally published in RW#24, 2014

RW #24

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