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Book of Jobs Part 3


by Chris Auman

One job I returned to a few times in the mid 90s was at Victory Gardens Theater in Lincoln Park. My sister was the general manager of this non-for-profit live theater and they occasionally needed help with subscription renewals, ticket sales and data entry. I was highly unsuccessful at selling subscriptions, but I did sit in the box office for a few months in the fall of 1997. The Always... Patsy Cline show moved to one of VG’s theater spaces that year. It was a very popular show and the box office could get pretty hectic. All phone lines would light up at once and stay that way for hours requiring me to answer the phone with “Victory Gardens, please hold,” on down the queue, then return to the top to take ticket orders and enter them into an DOS-based program. It was just another job in what was becoming a growing list of temporary part-time gigs.

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Originally published in RW#24, 2014

RW #24

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