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Book of Jobs Part 2


by Chris Auman

Even though I was paid a pathetic minimum wage for washing dishes ($3.35), I worked a lot of overtime and saved a lot of money that summer. So when I got to Chicago and to DePaul University, I wasn’t in a big hurry to find a job. However, fate intervened like a kick to the huevos, and a little boo-boo at the financial aid office had me writing a check for almost my entire savings. It was an accounting error that wouldn’t be corrected until I received a refund check at the end of the academic year—eight months away! I had to get a job. After a few weeks of fruitless employment searches, I became a law clerk. I had connections. My aunt was a lawyer and had a private practice downtown in the Monodnack Building. The job required just a few hours in the afternoons on weekdays, three or four days a week. I can’t remember what it paid, but maybe as much as five or six bucks an hour, plus a monthly CTA pass.

city skyline

Coming as I did from a town of roughly four thousand people to a city of roughly four million, and getting to wander around beneath the towering office buildings of the Loop, picking up and delivering various legal documents, was pretty cool. It really was a cake job too and it gave me a little extra beer drinking money. And that’s where it all went too. Milwaukee’s Best got the best of my paycheck every week. (LOL?)

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Originally published in RW#23, 2014

RW #23

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