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YO! Don't call 'em Bro Rock! Actually go ahead and call 'em Bro Rock, or Dude Rock, or whatever. Dope Body don't care. Just give 'em a nice basement full of sweat and stink and let 'em work it out. (I think that should suffice as an introduction). So, Ladies and Gentlemen Rockers, from the great city of Baltimore Maryland, a.k.a. Charm City, a.k.a. Bodymore, Murderland (Ha!), the noisy, the danceable, the unbeatable bro's of Dope Body!

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Summer Girlfriends

Summer Girlfriends play an easy, breezy brand of rock music that connects the pop dots from the early sixties to the late 70s. They only have one summer under their belts as a band so far, but they've already released two songs via Facebook and have a full-length LP in the can (slated for an early 2012 release on Addenda Records).

What better way to get psyched for another long, cold, crappy winter than to daydream with (or about) Summer Girlfriends? Let's do that now!

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Bad Cop

Bad Cop are some growed up kids from Nashville playin' punk rock and roll. They got signed to ROIR right quick after forming. Musta liked 'em. It's been balls out from there. Nashville correspondent Rebecca Seung interviewed frontman Adam Moult and filed this report.

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Reading Rainbow

Philly's Reading Rainbow are garnering a little bit of attention lately. It's no surprise really. Their music is infectious. Infectious in the sense that it will infect you (your brain in particular) with it's lush and reverby distorted goodness. The band's latest album (2010's Prism Eyes) is a forty minute good vibey trip through a hazy, dreamy, forgotten forest of furry melodies and fuzzy guitar. Does that make sense? I hope so. Reading Rainbow husband and wife team, Rob and Sarah, talked to the Reglar Wiglar about Philly, musical influences and stuff like that.

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Birds & Arrows

Birds and Arrows is Andrea and Pete Connolly of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They’ve been playing together for about three years, after meeting at a brewery where Pete was a brew master and Andrea was a bartender. With Andrea on guitar and vocals, and Pete on drums and vocals, they make beautiful music together. They also finish each other’s sentences – you’ve heard it before, but this time it’s actually true (read on for proof). I sat down with Birds and Arrows on a sunny Saturday this November and learned about being a married couple in a band, touring, and releasing their first full-length album, Starmaker. Reglar readers, please note Reglar Wiglar rookie and intern, Jon D., came along to learn the ropes and also ask questions, sometimes off subject but often eliciting interesting responses.

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Kaspar Hauser

Tom Comerford is a Chicago musician and filmmaker who is also an adjunct professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I’ve known Tom Comerford for almost as long as he's been in town. Our bands have played a few shows together over the years; he in Kaspar Hauser and myself, more recently in Soft Targets but also in RNCD—in fact, Kaspar Hauser is now in possession of former RNCD drummer, Steve Kiraly. I also worked with Tom on a release of a Kapsar Hauser single for RoosterCow/Spacesuit Records in 2002. It may also be worth mentioning that I did a very brief stint in The Hauser as a second guitarist in the fall of 2006. As a result, I am hardly what you would call an objective journalist (or a journalist at all for that matter).

Having divulged my personal relationship with Kaspar Hauser, let me also confess that I am a fan of the band, both live and on record. There was much about the band and Tom's history that I did not know, however. To remedy this ignorance on my part, this past November Tom and I met for dinner at Noon O Kabob in Albany Park where we discussed stuff in general and things in particular.

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That growing blip on your radar screen ain't a UFO, genius, it's Radar Eyes. And that blip is set to go blop 'cause this Chicago quartet is about to follow up a good year with a better one. 2010 saw the band release a tape on local cassette label, plustapes and a 7" on HoZac, and in 2011 the Eyes are gearing up for an EP on Rococo and a full-length long-player for HoZac, as well as a jaunt down to Austin, Texas for that one music festival they have down there every year... South by Southwest, I think it's called. Proper!

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Blasted Diplomats
Photo by John Sturdy

I guess we have Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to thank for the recent spate of diplomat blastings, but that has nothing to do with Chicago's Blasted Diplomats. Naw, there ain't nuthin' diplomatic about the way these dudes blast out their loud brand of good old fashioned guitar rock. So check 'em out and tell your friends, but remember, you can call them the Blast Mats, you can even call them the B. Mats, just don't call them Blasted Dips. Please!

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Lamb of God

Metal lords, Lamb Of God, have ruled this puny planet Earth for over fifteen years—that's ten years shy of a quarter of a century! Certainly nothing to sneeze at. To acknowledge this great feat of 'togethership', we sent Ace Reglar Wiglar Reporter, T. Bux on a mission to interview LOG bassist, John Campbell. Even though T. Bux lives in London and The Campbell lives in RVA USA, Bux succeeded in this mission with the help of some sort of Skype or Internet device or maybe it was a telephone.

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Coupleskate is notable for being an all-boy band. Besides that, they make dreamy, heartbreaking, pretty/dirty rock music. Also, they’re from Chicago.

Coupleskate released their first full length, Don’t Scare the Horses, in 2008. It was so good that it caused domestic disputes across the nation. You should order it off their website, or listen to it on one of their social medias:Facebook

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Well heck, I've known Mike Wing for what? Fifteen years? Something like that. Wing and I met when we worked this veggie kitchen job in Chicago back in the day. We also played in a band together (with his now wife of ten plus years, Lori Kölb) and we've definitely drank a few hundred beers and listened to a few Thin Lizzy records together at Club Winthrop in Uptown. I even roadied for his band Booker Noe once on a trip from Chicago to Denver via Kansas City, after which it took about two weeks to expunge the whisky from my liver. Wing has been in countless bands since he was a teenager in Maumee, Ohio, including a long stint in the Chicago via Bowling Green trio, Vambo Marble Eye. And even though Wing has got to be well into his eighties by now, he is still out there writing, recording and performing rock and roll music, and for that the Reglar Wiglar salutes him. So without further adieu, from the same great state that gave us Balloon Boy and delicious Coors Light beer, ladies and gentlemen, Mike Wing and Colorado's own,

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